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Is anyone else grateful for Winter??

Everyone talks about how the past few years have been difficult due to the pandemic but I for one am grateful for plain old Winter! I can hole up in my Tiny House, watch the snow fall outside, catch up on some good reading, writing, and work on my Easter flowers in the Tiny Greenhouse. (Yes I do have a child and work so it is not all that easy!) But I hope everyone can take a moment to be grateful for being able to breathe crisp fresh air and feel the Winter sun’s rays when they shine! God Bless.

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Hearts, Love, Faith and Whimsical Things…Tinyindiewhimsy.com

Faith is like a Winter Tree… Beautiful in its simplicity

And Secure in its place.

Knowing Spring will bring new growth

And the Summer sun will warm its roots.

Autumn will reveal the beauty it has to share,

But never so Lovely as when it

Bares its Soul in Winter with joy in Belief of its purpose.

tiny house, What's New....

Whimsical Things…Happy Holidays Tinyindiewhimsy.com


Whimsical Things… glittering Christmas lights, sparkling snow globes, distant glow from the embers of a slow burning fire on a cold winter’s day…. Happy Holidays from Tinyindiewhimsy!