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Happy New Year 2022 from the Tiny House Tinyindiewhimsy.com


Happy New Year 2022 from the Tiny House!! We have a tradition every year to decorate the Tiny House with twelve festive balloons, beginning at 12 noon and popping one balloon every hour until 12 midnight New Years Eve and making a “WISH!”. Due to lockdowns, quarantines, isolating, testing and years of just getting used to being alone, we at the Tiny House want to share our prayers and hopes for everyone reading this post to think of all of this as “clarity”. Clarity to “see” the tiny things that really matter. A beautiful lighted Christmas tree, a good night’s rest, a delicious hot meal on a cold winter’s day. Remember what truly matters is your ability to care about someone other than yourself. That is what we should all be thinking going into this New Year 2022! God grant you hope, compassion and love.

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Whimsical Things…Happy Holidays Tinyindiewhimsy.com


Whimsical Things… glittering Christmas lights, sparkling snow globes, distant glow from the embers of a slow burning fire on a cold winter’s day…. Happy Holidays from Tinyindiewhimsy!