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Summer Reading… Free Paperback Giveaway Tinyindiewhimsy.com

Summer Reading… Download one of my E-Books http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy (Fantasy Fiction/Paranormal Romance), The Silent Serenade (Poetry/Photography) or Tiny House Tale (Documentary) for a chance to Win a Free Paperback of your Choice! Post a review on Amazon of the book and comment on my site… Nothing like a real book in your hand for Summer Reading… as always, Thank you for Supporting Indie Authors!

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Free E-Books Today 7/22/21 plus chance to Win Free Paperback for Summer Reading…Tinyindiewhimsy.com

FREE E-BOOKS Available TODAY 7/22/21 and chance for FREE PAPERBACK STRAIGHT FROM MY WEBSITE HERE! https://tinyindiewhimsy.com

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Summer Reading…Whimsical Things Tinyindiewhimsy.com

I dreamt of whimsical things…. leaves on the forest floor and a stone English cottage..in honor of poetry and the upcoming Full Moon… FREE E-BOOKS abound tomorrow 7/22/21!!! Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy (Fantasy Fiction), Tiny House Tale (Documentary) or The Silent Serenade (Poetry/Photography) http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com

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Sunday Poetry… Tinyindiewhimsy.com


When all the darkness bleeds from thine eye,

And the only object left of thy gaze therein is light,

Was it then God embraced thy soul in everlasting peace,

Washing away thy sin?

Sinners are we all of this life, wherein we do profess

What seems almost eternal the promise thee will walk only toward the light,

Yet darkness calls, tempting us unto jagged pathways of life,

Places thou must go if only to remind us we are but misled,

Bequeathed a broken promise of eternal light.

Yet it is there, at that moment, where thine eye gazes upon the brilliance of an angel,

Meant to wrap her Holy wings around thy soul, warming thy spirit like the sun

And washing over the heart the misty rain of forgiveness,

The true eternal light of love….

-Tina M.E., Poet/Author