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Is anyone else grateful for Winter??

Everyone talks about how the past few years have been difficult due to the pandemic but I for one am grateful for plain old Winter! I can hole up in my Tiny House, watch the snow fall outside, catch up on some good reading, writing, and work on my Easter flowers in the Tiny Greenhouse. (Yes I do have a child and work so it is not all that easy!) But I hope everyone can take a moment to be grateful for being able to breathe crisp fresh air and feel the Winter sun’s rays when they shine! God Bless.

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Miracle…Tiny House, Tiny Greenhouse AND Christmas Poinsettias!!

Beautiful White Snow for the Holidays, a Christmas Miracle for the Poinsettias!! Thank God they have been successfully delivered to the Church for Christmas between all the heavy snowfall. The Miracle of one church reaching out to take these organically grown Poinsettias all the way from NY Adirondacks to Connecticut was truly a blessing! They look lovely and I am truly grateful they have a Blessed Home.. Merry Christmas from http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com

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Tiny House Meets Tiny Greenhouse Christmas Edition 2022

Christmas Edition 2022 http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com

The Tiny House Meets the Tiny Greenhouse Christmas Edition 2022… Merry Christmas everyone from Tinyindiewhimsy! http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!!🎄🌿🎀. The Tiny Greenhouse has Poinsettias ready for the Church 🙏.

For those who don’t know much about Tinyindiewhimsy, I am a long time follower of the Tiny House Movement, an Indie Writer and love all things Whimsical!

For the Holidays, I have my book Tiny House Tale, a documentary about our Tiny House journey, available on Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals and also in beautiful full color Paperback version for those who like a book in hand like myself! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PH1ZFR

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Tiny House Tale Amazon Kindle

Just in time for Holiday Season, Tiny House Tale Amazon Kindle Countdown Book Deals for December! Enjoy this documentary/memoir about a single mother’s Tiny House journey. Find all Author Titles in Paperback and E-Book on Amazon Author Book Page: https://amazon.com/Tina-M.-E./e/B00A85M5DC

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Holiday Poinsettias Tiny Greenhouse Taking it On the Road

My Faith Inspired Greenhouse Poinsettias are ready for the Holidays! Christmas Wish Red and Winter Sun White are taking their show on the Road straight to my local hometown Church! So Blessed! For any friends and family in Connecticut… PLEASE EMAIL TINYINDIEWHIMSY@GMAIL.COM BY 12/8/22 IF YOU WANT POINSETTIAS.. HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY OF JUBILEE PINK LEFT AND LOOKING FOR THEIR NEW HOMES.. Thank you for supporting local!http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com