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Summer Reading… Free Paperback Giveaway

Summer Reading… Download one of my E-Books Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy (Fantasy Fiction/Paranormal Romance), The Silent Serenade (Poetry/Photography) or Tiny House Tale (Documentary) for a chance to Win a Free Paperback of your Choice! Post a review on Amazon of the book and comment on my site… Nothing like a real book in your hand for Summer Reading… as always, Thank you for Supporting Indie Authors!
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The Many Masks of Magzinnia Poetry…Tinyindiewhimsy

The Many Masks of Magzinnia

She goes by many faces, many masks,

You are twirling, dancing movements in the Autumn breeze,

Childlike and whimsical,

Fresh and untainted by the torments of humanity,

The beating down of one’s soul by the familiar and unfamiliar alike,

No, you, sweetest Magzinnia, you wear the mask of Mercy.

The many guises I wear are unmoving,

They will not be lifted by the wind

But weighted by the mists of time and malevolence.

They are ingrained into my soul as one sweeping transgression,

Which only the Almighty will absolve,

Allowing me to once again wear a new mask

Of tolerance and absolution….

by Tina M.E.

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Hearts, Love, Faith and Whimsical Things…

Faith is like a Winter Tree… Beautiful in its simplicity

And Secure in its place.

Knowing Spring will bring new growth

And the Summer sun will warm its roots.

Autumn will reveal the beauty it has to share,

But never so Lovely as when it

Bares its Soul in Winter with joy in Belief of its purpose.

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Christmas in the Tiny House

December is here… Sending warmth and comfort from our Tiny House to yours! In celebration of the spirit of Christmas, please try to do random acts of kindness for someone in need, someone who may find the holidays a difficult time of year. As a single parent, times are tough during the holidays. Please support Indie Authors by making a small donation…no amount is too big or too small. In return for your kindness, a FREE PAPERBACK will be sent in appreciation! Happy Holidays from Tinyindiewhimsy!

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Give Thanks from our Tiny House to Yours…Tinyindiewhimsy

We are Thankful every day for the roof over our heads, our health, and those who are close to us. Please remember to give Thanks and to do at least one random act of kindness to another.