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Tiny House Tale Amazon Kindle

Just in time for Holiday Season, Tiny House Tale Amazon Kindle Countdown Book Deals for December! Enjoy this documentary/memoir about a single mother’s Tiny House journey. Find all Author Titles in Paperback and E-Book on Amazon Author Book Page:

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The Silent Serenade, Poetry and Photography


Lady of Nightfall, untamed and free,

Bound only to her heart,

She finds her way; she is the warm earth

And magic step,

The current of the river shaded deep from

Tears she wept;

Fear without direction yet she cries;

Cries that sweep over the wooded home

Of the heartless – ever still;

Creatures answer back her song

So sad a Lady’s will…

Book Giveaways, What's New....

Kindle Countdown Deals .99 E-Books

Kindle Countdown Deals 3/30/21-4/7/21

Tiny House Tale: a documentary about a single mother’s Tiny House journey from the ground up,

Dantalion Of The Goetia Legacy: angels, demons, and forbidden love interlace in this dark fantasy of Dantalion, a condemned demon from an ancient 17th century book of magick ‘The Goetia’,

The Silent Serenade: an inspirational collection of poetry and photography capturing some of the most beautiful places around the world.