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Romance/Paranormal -Free E-Book Weekend and Free Paperback Giveaway Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy

Excerpt from Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy

The Courtyard slept now…they called the altar ‘Angel’s Tears’, faded…forgotten, yet the marks remained. Deep brands that bind us to our demons. The damp steady rain washed away every trace of Dantalion and Laurel’s memory, now only empty, cold stone. I saw her there…innocent, bloodless, alone. Beautiful, succumbed to the lust of the moon’s embrace, every mortal sin bled from her soul. Every single memory pulsed through her, every sweetness and every sorrow…she was to be the Legacy of the Grimoire and I was to bleed for her.

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The Silent Serenade, Poetry and Photography


Lady of Nightfall, untamed and free,

Bound only to her heart,

She finds her way; she is the warm earth

And magic step,

The current of the river shaded deep from

Tears she wept;

Fear without direction yet she cries;

Cries that sweep over the wooded home

Of the heartless – ever still;

Creatures answer back her song

So sad a Lady’s will…

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Free Paperback Giveaway and .99 cent E-Books In honor of World Book Day

In honor of World Book Day, is offering .99 E-Books and a chance to win a Paperback Book of your choice. Download an E-Book and write a kind review on Amazon. Head over to and follow guidelines for a chance to win book of choice:

Tiny House Tale, Non-Fiction story of a mother’s Tiny House journey from ground up;

Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy, Dark Fantasy of Dantalion, a fallen angel who is condemned as one of 72 hosts of demons from an ancient book of magick ‘The Goetia’, and is summoned by a mortal college girl and practitioner of the occult, creating an unexplainable relationship of love, obsession, and redemption;

The Silent Serenade, a Collection of Poetry and Photography taken of some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

About The Author: Tina M. E. is Editor’s Choice Award Winner in Outstanding Achievements in Poetry, Journalist, Freelance Writer, supporter of Indie Writers and Publishers, long time follower of the Tiny House Movement and lover of all things whimsical…

Book Giveaways, What's New....

Kindle Countdown Deals .99 E-Books

Kindle Countdown Deals 3/30/21-4/7/21

Tiny House Tale: a documentary about a single mother’s Tiny House journey from the ground up,

Dantalion Of The Goetia Legacy: angels, demons, and forbidden love interlace in this dark fantasy of Dantalion, a condemned demon from an ancient 17th century book of magick ‘The Goetia’,

The Silent Serenade: an inspirational collection of poetry and photography capturing some of the most beautiful places around the world.