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Happy Friday! Quotes of the Day Tinyindiewhimsy


“Close your eyes, and picture a place you’re yearning to be.

A place that is beautiful and comforting, where everything is hopeful and alive.”

– Thomas Kinkade, The Painter of Light

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Happy Friday! Quotes of the Day…Tinyindiewhimsy.com

“The Courtyard slept now…they called the altar “Angel’s Tears,” faded…forgotten…yet the marks remained. Deep brands that bind us to our demons. The damp steady rain washed away every trace of Dantalion and Laurel’s memory, now only empty, cold stone. If only the human eye could see. I saw her there…innocent, bloodless, alone. Beautiful, succumbed to the moon’s embrace, every mortal sin bled from her soul. Every single memory pulsed through her, every sweetness and every sorrow…she was to be the Legacy of the grimoire and I was to bleed for her…” – Tina M.E. Excerpt from Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy http://www.tinyindiewhimsy.com