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Buy Fantasy Book Dantalion Of The Goetia: Legacy

Angels, Demons and forbidden love interlace in this dark fantasy of Dantalion, a condemned demon summoned from an ancient 17th century book of magick ‘The Goetia’ creating an unexplainable relationship of love, obsession, and redemption.


It has been over a decade (2010) that the original idea for a true to life ancient Courtyard and a 17th century condemned demon have come to life in the Fantasy Fiction Paranormal Romance Dantalion Of The Goetia Series.  ‘Goetia’ refers to a practice involving the invocation of angels and the evocation of demons, derived from an ancient book of magick entitled The Lesser Key of Solomon, featuring the Ars Goetia as its first section.  It contains descriptions of seventy two demons that King Solomon is said to have evoked and contained in a bronze vessel sealed by magick symbols.  These writings were edited in 1904 by the infamous Aleister Crowley, a controversial magician and occultist of his time.

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