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We are Alone for Christmas…are you??

This is an open post for comments…please feel free to add your story about the holiday blues…not an easy time of year for many, including me…here is our holiday blues story….

A log cabin. A warm fire. Rural living, Sounds like a dream Christmas. But during the pandemic everything is different. And my 8 year old daughter and I are alone. Yes… we chose to live in a Tiny House. And yes, we thought our lives would change. They did. But it was not exactly what we thought. We put up lights. We put up our Christmas tree. We hung our holiday wreaths and sent gifts to my older children who live three states away. But my little girl and I will be sitting alone by our Christmas tree this year. We know everyone else must be feeling this way too. We know this time of year is about good will and random acts of kindness, but restrictions have left many of us alone. Please pray for others who are feeling alone this Christmas and for those single parents out there like me who are struggling to keep it together…”God bless us…each and every one”…

2 thoughts on “We are Alone for Christmas…are you??”

  1. The photos are beautiful! I hope you are well. I am alone with 3 cats, but I am used to being alone. I was “tossed around” a lot as a child, so as an adult, I like to just be home for the holidays and not travel, so this year is not any different for me. I have found that phone calls and letters help with the isolation. Stay safe and best wishes.


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