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10 YA Fiction Fantasy Facts about ‘Dantalion Of The Goetia’ Tinyindiewhimsy.com


10 YA Fiction Fantasy Facts about ‘Dantalion Of The Goetia’

#1  Dantalion was born 71st demon of the ‘Goetia’ (the practice involving invocation of angels & evocation of demons) and contained within a bronze vessel sealed by King Solomon.

#2  Dantalion was a Djinn, commanding 36 Legions of demons.

#3  Dantalion commanded fire from his clawed fingertips.

#4  Dantalion possessed healing powers.

#5  Dantalion held power of thought.

#6  Dantalion was cursed as an Incubus.

#7 Dantalion  could shape-shift.

#8  Dantalion was an alchemist.

#9  Dantalion was saved from eternal damnation when he fell from Grace because of the love for a mortal girl.

#10  Dantalion was reinstated as immortal Guardian Angel of the 3rd Heaven once again.

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